"Taking care of Business" since 1994


Here at Ed's Chimney Service and Repair,

Our chimney service professionals have dedicated themselves to this occupation to become not only life savers but MONEY savers as well. We like to think we are "The Firefighters friend!" We take a serious and grave responsibility involved in preventing destructve fires from woodstoves, wood burning fire places, gas heating appliances, venting or ducting related to those appliances.

As chimney service professionals we effectively identify problems, interpret creosote deposits, and systematically diagnose odvious and potential hazards. By having relevant and appropriate questions answered while sweeping and/or inspecting your systems, we can evaluate their performance, and provide education on safe and efficient operation techniques.

During the cleaning procedure we perform a level 1 basic visual inspection for any visible defects. We provide a detailed evaluation report in the "comments" section of our invoice noting any cracks, defects, code violations, or hazards. We also advise of possible remedies for deficiencies! We are glad to answer any questions the customers have to the best of our knowledge!